Meet Kris Cala

Sales & Business Strategist | Coach | Investor


About Kris

Experience and Expertise

Kris Cala is an Educator & Professional Development leader with an advanced working knowledge in business development, B2B / B2C sales, real estate sales and investing, healthcare education, higher education, strategic partnerships, networking, account management, project management, workforce development, relationship development, communications, team leadership, marketing and recruitment.

How Kris Can Help You Succeed

Working with Kris means gaining a partner who is dedicated to helping you build a successful real estate business. With her expertise, extensive experience, and a focus on networking and relationship development, you’ll work together to cut through the noise and focus on what really matters for your business - all while making meaningful and lasting connections that propel your success.Don't let the challenges of the industry hold you back from achieving your dreams through multiple streams of income. Contact Kris today to learn how she can help you achieve your goals in real estate.

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Disclaimer: All real estate involves risk and hard work. No market ever stays the same. All my students are grown-up adults who are action-takers and understand success is a personal battle won by the choices made.